Men-Only Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers Can Be The Best Option

You’ve begun to seriously face your alcohol dependency and to consider entering a residential rehab facility. You would very much prefer to stay in a community for men only and you’re wondering whether many of these facilities are available. Fortunately, you can find the type of rehab program you want that provides the supportive environment you know will be best for your early recovery.

It’s a Common Preference

Don’t feel troubled about your preference to stay in a rehabilitation center for male clients only. Many other men feel this way for various reasons. When you’re staying at the center, you’re likely to meet men who:

  • are in the midst of a divorce or relationship breakup 
  • feel confused or angry about the way women have treated them
  • know that they would put on a fake persona if women were part of the peer group
  • simply don’t want the distractions of the opposite sex while staying in rehab

Emotional Advantages of a Men-Only Center

You may worry that you’d feel embarrassed if women were to see you in your initial stages of alcohol withdrawal, which may require detoxification with medical supervision. This won’t happen in a men-only facility.

You may find it easier to discuss certain issues when only men are in your peer group. Sexual issues, for example, can be more difficult to talk about when women are present. You might have relied on alcohol to make you feel comfortable with women. Alcohol abuse might have led you to be too promiscuous or to cheat on your partner.

If you have been the victim of rape or another form of sexual abuse, you may not want to talk about this if women are present, since these issues tend to be primarily considered as women’s issues. You might worry that they wouldn’t take you seriously or that they would believe their situation was worse than yours.

What to Expect During Free Time

Residential treatment centers generally have a structured schedule, and clients are offered numerous activities to engage in during free time. At men-only centers, you’ll find options for athletic activities that focus on teamwork, such as basketball and racquetball. There also will be opportunities for working out and rebuilding your fitness level. 

What Can You Do Now?

Look for alcohol rehabilitation centers in your area if you want to stay close to home. If you’d rather spend that time elsewhere, perhaps for greater privacy, do some research on centers located in areas where you might want to stay. Contact the facilities that look most appealing for your particular needs and make a decision which is best. Soon you’ll be on your way to recovery from addiction and ready to begin your new life. 

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Carpal Tunnel Prevention Techniques: What You Should Know

When it comes to taking care of yourself,  you always want to make sure and do everything possible to keep yourself as healthy as possible. While you do all of the obvious things such as eating healthy, getting annual vaccinations, and the like, you may not have considered the very real possibility of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel involves pressure on the median nerve and can lead to pain, numbness, and a lack of flexibility and movement in the wrist, hand, and forearm. To prevent yourself from developing this painful and debilitating disorder, all you need to do is follow some simple steps and guidelines. If you incorporate these into your daily life, you will be able to keep carpal tunnel at bay. 

Take Frequent Breaks From Repetitive Tasks

Carpal tunnel is more likely to develop when you perform repetitive tasks day in and day out. These repetitive arm movements put continued and prolonged pressure on your median nerve and can lead to permanent stiffness and discomfort. 

While you cannot necessary help the fact that many jobs and tasks require repetitive motions, you can take a step to help counteract the effects of these tasks. What you need to do is take frequent breaks from those repetitive motion tasks. 

This does not mean shirking your work or duties, but rather taking only a couple seconds every 10 to 15 minutes to stretch out your arms and wrists. You can even just take a second to circle your wrists and hands. Any short break that gets your arms and wrists moving in a different way will help you to prevent the development of carpal tunnel.

Start Doing Yoga Regularly

Yoga is an exercise program that helps to keep you aware of your body and movements while at the same time helping to develop and maintain strength and flexibility. This ancient practice is an excellent way to help you stave off potential carpal tunnel syndrome. 

The stretches in yoga work the arms and wrists in various ways to keep your body guessing. Positions such as prayer pose and eagle pose that twist and manipulate the wrists and hands are particularly effective at developing the flexibility you need to keep the pressure off of your median nerves. 

Stay Warm

As you probably know, when your body gets cold, it stiffens up. When you are cold and stiff, you are more likely to develop an injury or even a chronic condition such as carpal tunnel syndrome. 

When you are cold at work and performing repetitive motion tasks, you are more likely to suffer the ill-effects of carpal tunnel. Thus, you want to do everything you can to keep your body warm and comfortable at work. This can involve gloves, warms shirts and sweaters, and even using a space heater to keep your little work space warm and toasty. 

As you can see, there are simple and easy techniques that you can use to prevent the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome. All you have to do is give them a try and you will keep your wrists and hands as healthy as possible for as long as possible. For more tips, contact a clinic like Allegheny Brain And Spine Surgeons.

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Individualized Cancer Treatments: New Innovations In Oncology

When you are sitting down for the first time with your oncologist at a place like Southwest Oncology Centers, you may be at a total loss. After all, a cancer diagnosis is a shock to the system to be sure, and it takes you a while to process. However, for cancer treatments to be most successful, time to process is a luxury you do not have. Oncology depends on the rapid infusion of medications into the system to stop and reverse the growth of the cancer cells. You may think that all cancer treatments are created equal and that treatment is standard across the board. But, new innovations in oncology are beginning to allow doctors and pharmacists to develop individualized cancer treatments. So, learn about these new innovations and how the may affect your cancer treatments.

Cancer Genome Sequencing

One of the newest and most promising innovations in cancer treatments is the use of genome mapping and sequencing. If doctors are able to determine the exact genetic composition of the cancer cells in your body, they can customize the medications they use to treat and target those cancer cells.

What genome sequencing does is to identify the DNA and RNA mutations that caused the cancer cells to grow in the first place. Knowing this will help doctors avoid using medications in treatment that your tumors are genetically resistant to. This eliminates treatments that would be ineffective and would allow cancer cells to continue growing in the meantime.

Treatment Based On Your Genes

In addition to specifically mapping and sequencing your cancer cells’ genetic composition, your healthy genes and cells can give a good indication of what treatments will work best for you. The theory behind this is that your individual genetic makeup influences and ultimately determines how you will react to medications and treatments.

In fact, your genetics and medical history can actually determine whether a course of cancer treatment is even safe for you to undergo. This study of your genetics and drug interactions falls under the realm of what is known as pharmacogenomics. In other words the study of genetics and pharmacology. 

Thus, two of the best ways to individualize your cancer treatments are through genome sequencing, both of the cancer cells and of your healthy cells. These genetic tests are not available yet for all types of cancer and can be costly for both you and your physician. However, because these genome sequencing techniques are being shown to be so effective, they are likely to become more readily available in the near future. So, keep these possible individualization techniques in mind when you undergo your cancer treatments. 

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Afraid Your Elderly Parent Isn’t Getting Enough To Eat? Try These Tips

Having an elderly parent who lives alone can be a bit scary. Although you surely want your mom or dad to be able to enjoy his or her independence, you could worry about basic things like safety. Plus, if you have reason to believe that your parent isn’t getting enough to eat, you could be even more concerned. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can help ensure that your loved one is eating well each day. Follow these tips, and you can begin to relax about your elderly parent’s eating habits.

Consider a Delivery Service

Your parent might not be able to get out and go to the store very often, and you may not have the time to go grocery shopping regularly for your loved one. This is why it isn’t a bad idea to use a grocery delivery service to ensure that your mom or dad is getting everything that he or she needs. You can sign up for a grocery delivery service through a local supermarket, or you can opt to have pantry staples delivered by an online company.

Make the Kitchen a Safe and Easy Environment

Your parent could be afraid that he or she can’t get around the kitchen safely, so it’s important to do what you can to make it a safe and easy-to-maneuver environment. These are a few things that you can do to help:

  • Move groceries, dishes and pots and pans to a lower cabinet or shelf. If necessary, consider installing a low shelf that your parent can access easily and safely.
  • Make sure that the kitchen is cleared of debris and excess furniture so that your mom or dad’s wheelchair or walker can fit comfortably.
  • Install grab bars and a telephone so that your parent can get assistance if needed.
  • Consider investing in small appliances that won’t be overwhelming for your parent to use. For example, a toaster oven can be much easier to manage than a full-size oven and can be perfectly-sized for a single senior’s meals and snacks.

Hire a Home Care Worker

Hiring a home care worker can be a smart decision, even if you don’t hire the person full-time. Then, the worker can visit your parent’s home at least once a day to check on him or her and to help with the preparation of meals. For more information, contact In Your Home Care or a similar company.

It’s always upsetting to think that your parent isn’t getting enough to eat each day. Luckily, following these tips can help you gain peace of mind and can help your parent live a healthier life.

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Parent Newbies And Child Eyeglasses

If you don’t think that a one-year-old can be prescribed eyeglasses, think again. There are many children, especially those with special needs, who are prescribed glasses before the age of three. If you are a parent with 20/20 vision and have never had experience with glasses yourself, this could be a whole new world, but not the kind that Aladdin was talking about. This article is to give you a quick rundown on toddler eye exams and prescriptions.

How Do They Know?

First of all, many people wonder how optometrists can even know that a child needs glasses when they cannot read. We are all used to looked at the letters, or even symbols, on a chart and telling the doctor what it is or which way it is facing. For children too young to read or too young too talk, this just isn’t going to work. Now what? Believe it or not, eye doctors can tell whether your child needs glasses by a few different things. Primarily these three should about cover it:

  • First, the eye doctor may see if something, like a mechanical toy, that is moving far away will get the child’s attention.
  • Second, they may have the child follow a light back and forth and also check peripheral vision that way.
  • Third, they will turn off the lights in the exam room and look at the child’s eyes with a small, focused light. This way they can see into pupil of the eye to detect the shape, or length, of the eye. This can determine if the child is farsighted or nearsighted.

Symbol Cheat Sheet

Once you get the prescription, such as from Buffalo Grove Eye Care Center, you may have questions as to what the different letters, words, or symbols really mean. This is especially true if you take on the task of ordering frames and lenses online or over the phone. For the first time, however, it is recommend to go into a specialist and make sure you are getting the best for your child. But to get you a step ahead, here is the following cheat sheet for a few common symbols:

  • OD stands for oculus dexter , which is the right eye.
  • OS stands for oculus sinister, which is the left eye.
  • SPH stands for sphere, which is the power of the lens.
  • ADD means the added magnifying power needed for the lenses.
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Are You A Senior Who Needs To Lose Weight? Here’s Why Swimming Is A Good Choice

If you need to lose weight, you must combine a healthy diet with regular exercise. If you’re used to living a sedentary lifestyle, then coming up with an exercise program you can stick with might be difficult. Swimming could be the perfect choice for you, especially if you have limited mobility due to age or obesity. Here’s why you should consider adding this form of exercise to your weight loss plan.

Best Of Both Worlds

Swimming is a combination of cardiovascular and muscle-building exercise. The cardiovascular component helps you burn calories, so you can lose weight quicker. When you move against the resistance of the water, it helps build and tone your muscles. This improves your body shape. In addition to losing weight, regular swimming workouts help improve your overall health, and they ward off problems caused by being sedentary as you age.

Easy On Your Joints

One of the great things about swimming is it takes weight off your joints. This makes it the ideal exercise if you suffer from arthritis. Plus, with your body being suspended by the water, you are able to get a much fuller range of motion with your joints than you could if you exercised out of the water. Moving in the water is also much easier when you are overweight and have difficulty exercising otherwise.

Perfect For All Abilities

You don’t have to be a marathon swimmer to benefit from working out in the pool. You can still burn calories by dog paddling, or freestyle swimming. You exert yourself, and burn calories, when you propel your body through the water, no matter how you do it. If you go swimming a few times per week, you will gradually build your skills, so you can swim laps using various techniques that work out all your muscle groups. If you have trouble swimming, you can use a floatation belt that keeps your head above water. If nothing else, you can hold onto the side of the pool and exercise your legs by kicking them in the water.

Easy Access To Facilities

If you have a pool in your backyard, you are very lucky to have instant access to exercise. Even if you don’t have your own pool, it is still easy to find one so you can swim. Join a health club, so you can swim indoors all year long. In the summer, you can go to the public pool and swim in the sun. Public facilities often set aside hours for adult swimming so you can do laps without kids splashing around. If you live near a lake or the ocean, you can swim there too, so you can keep your regimen exciting and varied. It’s easy to find a pool, even when you travel, since most hotels have swimming pools.

Swimming can be an intense workout, but it can also be a time to relax. When you want to burn calories and lose weight, be sure you stay active in the water. You want your workout to be moderate or vigorous intensity. At moderate intensity, you feel the effects of an increased heart and breathing rate, yet you still have enough wind to carry on a conversation. When your workout reaches the vigorous stage, you are working so hard, you cannot carry on a conversation without stopping to rest. Also, for your weight loss to be successful, exercise daily, or at least several times per week, rather than saving it all for the weekend.

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Hemp Oil As An Alternative Treatment For Treatment-Resistant Epilepsy

The legalization of marijuana, for both recreational and medicinal purposes, has long been debated, with proponents of both sides making valid arguments.  It has recently gained popularity once again in the media, with legislation in both Washington and Colorado legalizing recreational marijuana use. Currently only 23 states have legalized the usage of medical marijuana, even though it has been shown to benefit many treatment-resistant, chronic disorders.  Medical marijuana has been used to alleviate symptoms such as pain and nausea in many chronic diseases including cancer, AIDS/HIV, glaucoma and multiple sclerosis.

Hemp Oil as an Alternative Treatment to Epilepsy

Marijuana has recently begun to be researched as a viable treatment for severe cases of epilepsy that have been resistant to typical antiepileptic medications.  A derivative of the marijuana plant, hemp oil is believed to greatly reduce the amount and severity of seizures in epilepsy sufferers. Hemp oil has a higher amount of cannabidiol (CBD), but contains only a minimal amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is what causes the feeling associated with being “high”.  This allows patients to receive the benefits of the drug, without the cognitive impairment that is associated with marijuana use. 

Hope 4 Haley and Friends Bill

Hemp oil is particularly beneficial for rare forms of epilepsy that are unresponsive to typical treatment, and that cause many child sufferers to have dozens of seizures a day.  The severity of this disorder can lead to major delays in cognitive and neurological development, and can even lead to death in some instances. One victim of this devastating disorder, Haley Ward, has become the name behind a bill to allow the use of hemp oil in the management of seizures.  The Hope 4 Haley and Friends bill will allow children in North Carolina, who have not responded to other medications, to use hemp oil as treatment. This bill will also make further research into the efficacy of this drug possible.  Those using hemp oil have had very favorable outcomes so far.

Research and Trials for Hemp Oil

There is a great need for an alternative treatment for epilepsy.  Over two million Americans have been diagnosed with epilepsy, and one-third of these sufferers are still unable to manage seizures with traditional medications and treatment.  Clinical research and testing on CBD-rich hemp oil has been very promising.  It has been shown to stop seizures in animal trials, and has drastically reduced the amount of seizures in patients who have tried this alternative medication. 

A survey of nineteen parents of children with unresponsive epilepsy showed great results with hemp oil treatment.  About 84% of these parents stated that their child had a reduction in the amount of seizures.  Among these, 11% had no seizures while taking the hemp oil and 42% reported 80% fewer seizures. Parents also reported improved alertness, sleep and mood.  Side effects were minimal, only drowsiness and fatigue were reported. These results are remarkable for children who have had very little quality of life due to their debilitating disorder.

While marijuana use remains controversial, it is important to remember that all prescribed medications come with risks and side effects.  Many of the antiepileptic medications can also have very serious side effects.  It is imperative for both the physician and patient to fully discuss all risks associated with potential treatment options, and weigh the benefits against the possible adverse effects.  The use of hemp oil is not appropriate for everyone, and should only be considered after traditional medications have failed to eliminate seizures.  While more research is needed, it appears that CBD-rich hemp oil may be a very beneficial treatment for treatment-resistant seizures.

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